This AI-Based Desktop App Eliminates Background Noise From Your Zoom Calls at No Cost

Available for Mac and Windows PCs, Krisp will remove the sounds of your kids and pets, street noise, keyboard clicks, and echo.

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Krisp | Free
Krisp | Free
Image: Krisp

Krisp | Free

Few things are more embarrassing when you’re on a work video call than background noise. Although your coworkers will tell you they’re not bothered by it, the minute details of your personal life probably aren’t something you want them privy to. Plus, no one wants to be the source of distraction while others are trying to speak.

Krisp puts this concern behind you by employing AI-based noise cancelation that gets rid of unwanted sound not only on your side but on the end of whomever you’re speaking to as well. It’s even capable of instant audio recordings, echo removal, and adding virtual backdrops to your webcam feed. Because it appears as a floating widget, you don’t have to surrender much of your screen real estate either.

Krisp is compatible with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free to get started. Although you can upgrade to paid plans later starting at $5 per month, the free version nets you 240 minutes of noise cancelation each week and requires no credit card entry to install. If you’re still working from home like I am, Krisp is an essential tool for keeping your on-screen presence professional no matter how noisy your household.