This Adidas Sports iPhone 11 Case Is 20% off and Multifaceted for an Active Life

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Adidas Sports iPhone Case with Grip Stand | $28 | Amazon
Adidas Sports iPhone Case with Grip Stand | $28 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Adidas Sports iPhone 11 Case with Grip Stand | $28 | Amazon

This is one of my favorite cases currently. It’s only for the iPhone 11 and is sold out on Adidas’ website. But it is 20% off right now on Amazon. Adidas is known for making quality workout gear but I can now say they should also be known for making durable tech accessories. Their cases are absolutely built for hearty runs, intense training sessions, or long hauls at the gym. The polycarbonate backplate was perfect on my jogs and didn’t give me a sweaty hand. It also withstood a drop or two over the holidays. The solar red hue is a nice pop of color against my white phone so it definitely catches the eye. But where it really shines is with the stand that can be either horizontal or vertical. It really comes in handy when my mom FaceTimes and I need to be hands-free, like when she’s walking me through one of her recipes. The stand easily pops out and snaps back in and is surprisingly flush after multiple times doing this. This is a versatile and quality case if you need a new one for the new year.

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