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This $30 Backpack Is So Good, It'll Make All Other Backpacks Look Like Boring Sacks

MateIn Travel Laptop Backpack, $30
MateIn Travel Laptop Backpack, $30
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

I’ve always had a backpack.

They’ve varied in quality, but never in their purpose. The backpack, in its eternal form, is an easy way to lug stuff around. And, in a perfect world, you won’t look like a child for wearing one.


This backpack might be the best yet.

That’s why I’m proud to recommend the MateIn Travel Backpack for purchase: It is a wildly affordable backpack, a quality product that looks smooth as hell and fits great on commutes to work or for a weekend away.

It also looks pretty cool: I have mine in grey, which is satisfyingly textured. And, compared to the ostensibly hipper (and more expensive) canvas backpacks out, the MateIn laptop backpack cuts a charmingly angular product, reminiscent of a slim Cybertruck. In grey, it looks like a statement piece that goes with any outfit.

Is that too much? Sure. But I’ve had three co-workers compliment me on my backpack, which is a pretty impressive feat for less than $30–– I’ve spent much more money to look way worse.

But, okay: Let’s talk about practicality. Besides coming with a compatible USB Charging Port (and cord!), the backpack’s water-resistance comes in handy more than you might think. Rainy days become less dangerous to your precious cargo, sure, but liquid-based stains become less of an issue as well.

Illustration for article titled This $30 Backpack Is So Good, It'll Make All Other Backpacks Look Like Boring Sacks
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Another key feature of this backpack is its ease-of-use for travel. The easy compartments really make it a defined piece of luggage. Any other backpack feels more like a trendy sack in comparison.

Similarly, that backpack segmentation makes your bag both sturdy surprisingly roomy. With multiple pockets, he ergonomic distribution of weight means that carrying bags of any size is less of a chore––something I appreciate the most on my crowded morning commute.


One feature that they heavily mention, which I’m ignoring here, is that this backpack is apparently safer against pickpockets. To which I say: uh, whatever dude. Sure. While I can’t exactly vouch for the veracity of those claims, I have yet to be pickpocketed with this bag, so we’ll give them partial credit.

Their mis-marketing is your gain: This is simply a great backpack at a great price. So, go ahead and get a smooth, ergonomic, and stylish new backpack for less than $30. It’s enduring, stylish, ergonomic and surprisingly roomy.

And, if you don’t get pickpocketed, all the better.