These EcoSpheres Have Been a Viral Hit, This One Is 30% Off

TikTok strikes again, this time with a closed aquatic ecosystem

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5.25" EcoSphere  | $135 | Amazon
5.25" EcoSphere  | $135 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

5.25" EcoSphere | $135 | Amazon

If you’ve seen these pop up on TikTok, you aren’t alone. The EcoSphere is an interesting way to bring creatures into your home without being inconvenienced. These are also great to add something extra to any room over even a small apartment as they don’t take up much space. This one is about five inches in diameter and would look amazing on a desk or nightstand.

The base turns which is a nice touch, so you can always have a 360° view. This fascinating little world requires no maintenance and is the first of its kind. Taking NASA technology, this totally enclosed ecosystem thrives on its own. There are about eight marine shrimp, algae, and micro-organisms that inhabit the glassy area. You need to make sure there is some light throughout the day and that the room is temperate, no warmer than 80°. The EcoSphere works because all the elements within work together. The shrimp eat the algae and micro-organisms. And both of those break down the shrimp waste. Light helps with algae growth to keep everything balanced. No need to change the water. Just kick back and watch nature do its thing.

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