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These Are the Last Pair of Leggings You'll Ever Need

Ridge Merino Crowley Tights, $120
Ridge Merino Crowley Tights, $120
Photo: Ridge

I bet you already have a dozen leggings crammed in your closet, but trust: you need one more. You need the Ridge Merino Crowley Tights. Do not pass go, do not collect $100; instead just find yourself some internet and order up a pair faster than you can say, “Thank me later.”

Brought to life by the folks at Ridge Merino, the Crowley Tights hit a sweet spot of features that aren’t frequently found in gear. For one, they are constructed with 20% wool in combination with the other typical contenders, nylon and spandex. Why does this matter? Guuurl, you won’t ever stink in them. Promise.

Now, ask me how I know. I’ll tell you.

My family and I spent a few weeks in November traveling around Europe. But, since we’re dirtbags like that, we spent a large portion of the trip living in a campervan as we road-tripped through Germany and Slovenia, sleeping at highway rest areas and designated overnight spots. My point: we didn’t shower a lot. My second point: I didn’t feel like digging through my luggage every day to find new clothes. Ultimately, I decided that was an exercise in futility and opted to wear these leggings every single day for 11 days. I drove in them. I made dinner in them. I hiked in them. I explored a tiny Christmas market in Bled in them. I even humped our daughter up five miles of trails in Germany while wearing these tights.


And you know what? On that twelfth day, I took a sniff and easily could’ve kept going. They smelled fine. But, a woman has her standards, you know?

Ridge Merino Crowley Tights, $120
Ridge Merino Crowley Tights, $120
Photo: Ridge

For me, the secret is in the blend. Not only do the Crowley Tights use wool, but they also boast a compression fit. This means they don’t do that droopy-drawers thing than we all know and hate with leggings. (I already carry a toddler on my back half the time, so I don’t need any help working against gravity!) They hit at the 7/8-length that is my personal favorite with leggings and also features a side pocket that stashes away a cell phone.

Beyond the materials, I appreciate the attention to detail. A high waist keeps....everything...tucked where it needs to be tucked. And, I can promise that they are not sheer. In fact, they have a thicker hand that makes them passable both on trail and with a long sweater for a quick apres snack or dinner. Finally, they clean up well. Like, literally. After our daughter dumped her mac ‘n cheese on me (#vanlife), I grabbed the closest option (her dirty t-shirt) and used it to wipe off my pants. Did they sparkle? I mean, not really but cheese has that effect on you. But they certainly cleaned up well enough to keep wearing them for another week.

Look, I get it: they aren’t the cheapest leggings out there and I realize sticker shock is a thing. But y’all: I wore them my entire vacation without questioning my life choice and my husband never questioned my odor. I feel like that says something. Give ‘em a try, and then report back.

Heather Balogh Rochfort is an outdoor expert and full-time freelance writer and author in the outdoor industry.

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