These $5 Target College Care Packages Are Insane Deals for Anyone

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Even if you don't have a kid in college, these $5 care packages from Target are a fantastic bargain, and feature items that anyone can use.

First up, the men's package includes a Tide Pod, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor, a Schick Hydro 5 razor, a travel bottle of Purell, and a few other goodies. The razors alone go for ~$10 each, so you're coming out way ahead even if you don't need the other stuff.

There's also a "For Her" pack featuring a few of the same items, plus a Gillette Venus razor, makeup remover, body wash, tampons, and more. Again, you might not need everything in the box, but at $5, you're almost certain to save money.

If you'd rather just get some cheap food, there's a $5 snack box with Goldfish, mac & cheese, some gum, and more. Moving up the chain, $10 gets you a an upgraded snack box with eight packets of Gatorade powder, Nature Valley bars, 60 pieces of Eclipse gum, mixed nuts, and more. All of the boxes ship for free, but we aren't sure how many are available, so don't waste any time securing yours. [Target]

Update: The product pages list free shipping, but it seems like a lot of people are being charged for shipping at checkout. We'll reach out for clarification. If you use a Target REDCard, then shipping will definitely be free.

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