The Most Comfortable Shoes Are Made of Merino, No Socks Required

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Forget merino socks, it’s time for merino shoes.

Allbirds are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, no contest, but they’re also incredibly functional. Allbirds are lightweight, odor resistant, moisture wicking, machine washable, temperature regulating, and environmentally conscious, and come in under $100.

Merino is a wonder material that helps keep you cool when its hot and warm when it’s cold, while wicking water away from your skin to keep you dry. - Indefinitely Wild


Hopefully you’ve already replaced some (or all) of your basics like undershirts, underwear, and socks with fabrics like merino, modal, and tencel, but Allbirds go one step (get it) further. These shoes are comfortable enough and cool enough that socks are now optional.

I’ve been wearing mine constantly from the office to dog walking to light hiking since I got them.

Update: For those asking about half sizes, would definitely recommend rounding down and giving it a shot. There’s a lot more adjustability of fit in the material here.