The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle Is the Best Garden Hose Nozzle, According to Our Readers

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The most popular garden hose nozzle is also the smallest and the simplest (with the exception of your thumb, shout out to everyone that made that same joke). The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle took over 1/3 of the six way vote to power wash away the competition.

It’s possible that this is a knock-off of the similar one my dad bought in the 1970s and still functions, but it costs $9 or less, and is a simple, effective, water-efficient and com?ct design made from a small number of parts, which I appreciate as an engineer. It goes from a forceful jet to fine spray to closed with a simple twist. “Made in USA, assembled by disabled U.S. veterans.” - Applied Physics


This is based more on aesthetics than anything else, but how could you not love the Gilmour Fireman’s Nozzle? I appreciate the simplicity of the twist-based nozzles like this week’s winner, but that big chonk of a handle is just so much more satisfying.