This J.Crew Striped Boatneck Is The Only T-Shirt I've Ever Truly Loved

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Update: This item is not longer available.

This is my striped t-shirt. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’m not a repeat buyer, but I’ve replaced this J.Crew Striped Boatneck T-Shirt three times. The boatneck is comfortable, the navy-and-blue is classic (it’s called a Breton stripe), and best of all, it isn’t see-through.

There are a ridiculous amount of striped tees out there, most of which are currently stored in my top dresser drawer, but this is the one that I continue to go back to as my go-to. J.Crew makes many similar shirts (trust me, I accidentally ordered this one instead and was heartbroken) but none are as good as the original. Even Net-a-Porter agrees.

J.Crew can make all the fancy activewear with New Balance they want. They can reclaim “preppy” as something else entirely. They can even add unnecessary cuffs to the end of striped tees to make them more interesting or fashion-forward. But they will have to claw this simple, striped boatneck tee out of my cold, dead, Breton-stripe loving hands.