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The HoMedics Sonic Facial Wand Ain't Magic, But It Does Feel Good

I currently have close to a ten step skincare routine at night that takes way too long, so I looked to the HoMedicsBeauty Duo Climate Hot Cold Wand to help.

The wand is meant help the skin care products you use penetrate into your skin deeper and faster. Used with serums and creams to speed things in between steps, the hot setting opens up pores. Switch to the cold setting to tighten pores back up and sort of, seal everything in to allow the products to do their work. The whole process is along the same line as blanching and shocking vegetables, except it’s your face and not broccoli.

While the selling point of the wand is the heat mode that helps product absorption, my favorite part is actually the cold setting. It’s definitely not for everyone, but after a hot shower, then washing with warm water, and using the hot setting on the wand, the cold is a much welcomed shock to the skin.

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And when I say cold, I mean actually cold. Not just “cooling”. It feels like you just went to the freezer and grabbed an ice cube to slap onto your face (which I tend to do after a particularly overzealous face picking session. I never said I was perfect). I can’t say I noticed any tightening of my pores, but my skin felt slightly firmer after using it, even with all the product on it.

The “sonic” vibrations are a nice touch, and I used both settings with the vibrations each time I used the wand. The main issue that all vibrating beauty products have is, of course, the fact that there’s no way avoiding whomever hears it from thinking it’s well, a vibrator. Though, my boyfriend just thinks I’m using his Phillips One Blade, which is a whole different article.

After a week of using it for myself, it definitely helped cut the down time between steps, but I’m not sure I saw any differences in my skin compared to not using it. If you’re a jade roller fan, stick with that. I haven’t tried one yet, but if it’s anything like the cold setting of the wand, I’ll probably love it.

Pro tip though: put your jade roller in the fridge.


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