The Germs (and Smudges) on Your Phone Are No Match For HÄNS

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HÄNS Swipe-Clean | $15 | Amazon

I’m so, so sorry to remind you of this, but your phone is disgusting. Just think about how many things you touch in a day. Now think about how many times you touch your phone in a day. Chances are, your mobile device is not only your main mode of communication with the world, but also your own personal germ-covered cesspool.

This is likely not new information to you, and yet, it seems like most people’s way of handling this public health crisis is to simply forget about it. I’m guilty of this, too: Sometimes, I’ll touch a subway pole, then touch my phone, then think about how much bacteria is all over the pole, and now my hand, and now the phone. Then, I momentarily black out, before taking a deep breath to collect my thoughts and proceed with my day. It’s fine. I’m fine!

But I don’t want to live in fear of my biohazard of a phone anymore, and now, I don’t have to, thanks to little thingamajig known as HÄNS Swipe- Clean.


Basically, HÄNS is a small double-sided screen cleaner. First, you remove the top cap and wipe your screen clean with the black “Cleaning Side,” which is pre-soaked in antimicrobial cleaning solution. Next, you uncap the bottom to reveal the white “Polishing Side,” a five-layer antibacterial microfiber sheet, which dries everything off and makes it look squeaky clean.

The HÄNS fits in the palm of my häns hands, and its size and mess-free operation make it ideal for tossing in your bag in case the need for a quick cleaning arises while you’re on the go. Plus, this little guy works on pretty much any touch-screen device, and purportedly lasts for hundreds of swipes before needing a refill (it’s quite easy to do; extra cleaning solution and polishing sheets are sold separately for when the time comes).


So now, thanks to just two quick swipes of the HÄNS, not only is my phone cleaner than it’s ever been (I shudder to recall my pre-HÄNS days), but my mind is also free from concern that I’m regularly holding deadly disease-causing bacteria up to my face. Not today, deadly diseases! You’ll have to find some other way to take me out.