The Clipa2 Bag Hanger Is One of My Favorite Impulse Buys Ever

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I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger. But I can remember lots of instances when I was glad I had it, and I want you to feel that same gladness. How many times have you had to place your bag on a dirty floor or in a heap on the countertop? Even one time is too many, and the Clipa will keep you from ever having to do it again.

Clipa2 is basically just a metal ring with a hinge; you open it up to clip it to something, and the strong spring hinge and rubber grips on either side help it stay in place. Practical, right?

I keep the Clipa on my bag all the time, and I don’t find it to be aesthetically displeasing in the least. Even though I gravitate toward bags with no hardware, the design is simple and clean enough to not offend my sensibilities. I chose the matte hematite variety, but it also comes in a bunch of different finishes to better match your bag of choice.


Every person who’s seen me use it has asked me where I got it, and now I’m telling you all it’s just one click away on Amazon for just $15, and it’s worth every penny. You’ll be able to hang your bag on the bathroom stall door when some absolute savage makes the decision not to install hooks! You’ll be able to clip your stuff to the table at restaurants with chairs not conducive to purse hanging! Basically anywhere there’s a flat surface or a bar- or pole-like apparatus, you’ll be able to hang your bag.


I never fully trust physics until I actually see them in action, so I had a hard time believing the Clipa would fulfill its claims, but lo... it does. You can really and truly rely on it to hold your stuff in otherwise unhangable situations, and in my book, that makes it an excellent stocking stuffer for people who are hard to shop for, or just prefer useful gifts over token trinkets.

I feel like I’m overselling it to say Clipa will change your life, but it will, just a little bit.