The Best Blender

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The Vitamix 5200 blended all the right features and price to take 28% of your vote and secure the best blender title. Add in the votes from 750 model and the Vitamix brand took 46%.

It can do anything- some recipes involve jamming whatever you’re blending into the blades with a plunger. It’s almost impossible to jam or break it. - fangirl3465

Vitamix 5200 is the choice, end of discussion. I never understood how it could be worth it until I used one - making watercress soup, or hummus, in this vs. a $120 KitchenAid will make you realize that the KitchenAid is the ripoff. And the 750 series can’t do anything that the 5200 can’t do, it just does it with more buttons. - Astigmatism

This one, 100%. It is spendy but worth it. And, yes, it does do nut butters. It also makes a margarita that involves dropping a whole lemon and a whole lime in and giving it hell. - AAAPharmClub

Anything Vitamix is amazing. If money is no object, the top model is nice, but if you are willing to push the buttons yourself instead of have a computer in it time how long at each power setting you can get 100% of the power of a vitamix (which blows away any other mixer) for albeit a lot of money, but a lot less than the 6000 and 7000 series. - patpcs1

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