Your Top Five Picks For Best Blender

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We’ve spun up your long list of nominations and now it’s time to find a winner.

Vitamix 750

It’s is a workhorse that powers through everything flawlessly and is easy to clean. Nut butters, nut milk, smoothies, hot soup, fondue,. If you want to blend it, this machine can do it. - wasting_company_time

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally. I enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie every morning adding everything from frozen berries, chia seeds, kale, ice cubes to whole rolled oats and the Vitamix breaks everything into a smooth juice. No chunks ever and with the preprogrammed modes allow you to just hit a button and walk away. Every other blender I have used is a toy in comparison and there are always chunks not to mention they always have that slight electrical fire smell to them. - MorganRW


Ninja Ultima Blender Plus

This thing is awesome. It has extra blades aside from the main one at the bottom that prevent any buildup or clogging. This just absolutely pulverizes anything in there. My wife and I were never into smoothies until we got the kick one day, and some googling, and watched some video reviews and decided on this one. It compares to the Vitamix which is like $500. However this one is about $300 cheaper, easy to clean, and easy to use. - Rich


Vitamix 5200

It can do anything- some recipes involve jamming whatever you’re blending into the blades with a plunger. It’s almost impossible to jam or break it. - fangirl3465

Vitamix 5200 is the choice, end of discussion. I never understood how it could be worth it until I used one - making watercress soup, or hummus, in this vs. a $120 KitchenAid will make you realize that the KitchenAid is the ripoff. And the 750 series can’t do anything that the 5200 can’t do, it just does it with more buttons. - Astigmatism


Blendtec Total Blender

3 years later its still going strong. Its loud as hell but it can destroy about anything. Make soups, peanut butter, smoothies with frozen fruit, ice. Whatever. I have over 2000 cycles on it with no issues. Its a solid carafe, which seems like it would be hard to clean but isnt. Its bulletproof and simple. - Ryan Stewart

my brother used to work at starbucks, and he told me a story about the lovely things. they use them at ‘bucks, and one time he saw someone making a frappucino accidentally drop the glass shot glass for the chocolate syrup into the blender. It blended the shot glass into the frappucino, smoothly. - Tarukai


Kitchen-Aid 5-Speed

We got this as a wedding gift and we use it almost daily. Mainly for protein shakes (frozen fruit, ice, etc.) and it absolutely destroys anything we put into it. The 5-speeds are true to their names and the ice crushing feature is VERY helpful when mixing up the margs or other frozen concoctions. The pitcher is also a beast. It takes a crazy beating and since everything can come apart, it’s all really easy to clean. The lid is solid and stays in place; there is a little notch that ‘locks’ the top lid into place so no worries of splashing. It’s a bit heavy but I prefer that so it doesn’t go jumping across the counter if I look away. - ilikedoinglaundry