Take Everything You Need in One Trip With up to 30% Off a Car Top Carrier

These car top carriers will work in rain or shine so you can take everything you need in one go

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Smashier Rooftop Cargo Carrier | $80 | Amazon
Smashier Rooftop Cargo Carrier | $80 | Amazon
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Smashier Rooftop Cargo Carrier | $80 | Amazon

If you’re planning a summer road trip with your friends, you’ll quickly realize how precious car and trunk space is. You’ll need space for the cooler and your buddies, but you also have camping gear, luggage, or other bulky items to stow away?

Take advantage of all that roof space with one of these rooftop cargo carrier deals! I’m packing up to move across the country to Washington currently, and will probably be grabbing one of these deals myself to fit everything I can in one go.

You can snag 30% off of a ToolGuards carrier, bringing it down to just $70 for arguably the best deal of the bunch— just clip the coupon below the price!

This cargo carrier will strap on to your car even if you don’t have a roof rack, so don’t worry!

No clipping is required for this Smashier car carrier for 20% off, a limited-time deal. This carrier fits up to 16 cubic feet of stuff.

To give you an idea of how much space that is, it fits four sleeping bags, two tents, and two medium size suitcases. I think I might be grabbing this one myself!

A similar option is this Fruno cargo carrier, which can be yours for $15 off right now when you clip the coupon below the price. Just like the other options, this rooftop carrier is waterproof so you can transport your items safely rain or shine.

Finally, if you need something heavy-duty and extra roomie, check out this Asinking 21 cubic feet carrier that can fit four full suitcases and still have room for more for just $75 when you clip the $25 off coupon below the price.

As I said, I’m grabbing one of these myself for moving, but I still think one of these carriers would be great to have on hand for camping and beach trips. Since I’m off to a new timezone I won’t be covering Kinja Deals on the weekends anymore. So I guess I’ll say it for the last time: Grab this deal while it’s still on, and have yourself a lovely weekend!