Bring Movie Night Home With up to 34% off Anker Projectors

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Up to 34% off Anker Projectors | Amazon
Up to 34% off Anker Projectors | Amazon
Image: Anker

Up to 34% off Anker Projectors | Amazon

Maybe quarantine has shown you that your TV just isn’t cutting it anymore. Or maybe you’d just rather have a tiny lil projector that’ll bounce with you from room to room for all the streaming you’re doing these days. Today, you can grab a few of Anker’s projectors for a solid discount.

The Nebula Apollo is a mini projector that’ll fit as snugly in your bag as it does on your shelf. Right now it’s $105 off, bringing the price down to $245. With a resolution of 854 x 480, the picture won’t be super great, but that should be fine if you’re just binging New Girl or getting through your YouTube queue.

If you want a mini projector with better resolution, the Nebula Capsule II is down from $580 to $400, and boasts a 720p resolution. Still not the best you could get, but for the price you’re getting a portable projector that, once going out is safe again, you can plop in a bag and take with you on a trip. You could also grab the original Nebula for $330, saving you $130.

If you’ve got a bit of cash to spend and you’re looking to flesh out your new home theater, there’s the Nebula Cosmos Max, the company’s 4k projector. Unfortunately, even with a $610 discount, you’ll still have to shell out nearly $1,200.