Take 34% off InstaExtra's Multipurpose Steamer Basket and Totally Change up Your Cooking Habits

The culinary sky's the limit with this steamer basket

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Expandable Steamer Basket | $10 | Amazon
Expandable Steamer Basket | $10 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Expandable Steamer Basket | $10 | Amazon

Okay, calling this just a steamer basket is a little misleading. This versatile kitchen gadget from InstaExtras is actually three different tools to make cooking and serving easier. It can be a drainer, steamer, and platter. All that for just $10 seems like such a deal.

This is a true multiuse kitchen item, and the fact that it is so affordable is mindblowing. Steam vegetables, strain pasta or use it as a colander. It’s sturdy enough to be used on the stovetop, in a crockpot/instapot, in a traditional oven, and even with a Ninja Foodi. Because of the way it folds, it can be mini and then expands for a large-sized pot up to nine inches. The feet at the bottom make this the perfect companion for steaming, keeping your veggies out of the water for optimum deliciousness. It’s heat safe (obviously) and scratch-resistant being stainless steel and all. The handle is designed for safety and strength. Unfold it and use it as a sparkingly platter to display your culinary creations. Experiment with all your favorites food by the vapor steaming system; it can handle potatoes, seafood, eggs, and pretty much anything you have your heart set on. It’s easy to clean and can be tossed in the dishwasher. Fold it up when done; it will take up minimum space.

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