Sunday's Best Deals: Philips Hue, Matcha Powder, Historical Nonfiction, and More

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Philips Hue discounts, matcha green tea, and Amazon’s Sunday ebook sale lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

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Best Tech Deals

Whether you’re just starting your Philips Hue collection, replacing your last few dumb bulbs, or want to graduate to smart accent lights and light strips, there’s a Philips Hue deal available for you today.

Most laptops have an SD card slot, but microSD slots are far less common, even as the smaller cards have replaced their larger brethren for the majority of applications. Sure, those microSD cards come with an adapter, but if you’re anything like me, you lost that thing within about 15 seconds. This Anker USB card reader though can read both types of cards, and it’s only $7 today with promo code ANKERC67.

Turns out, having a laptop with only USB-C ports means you need to carry a dongle with you from time to time. Who knew? Luckily, these $35 hubs (with promo code 77L3YR33) from VAVA are designed to perfectly match MacBook, and turn one USB-C port into an ethernet port, an SD card reader, an HDMI output, and three USB 3.0 ports. There’s even pass-through USB-C charging, so you’re not even really using up one of your precious ports.

Need more storage space for your action cam, dash cam, tablet, or Nintendo Switch? This 128GB card from SanDisk is down to its best price ever right now.

While it doesn’t have the best picture quality out there, it’s tough to complain about a 65" 4K TV for $550, a 55" for $320, or a 49" model for $250. Both include HDR, though with a distinct lack of specs on the page, I’m going to assume that’s not Dolby Vision. And while they doesn’t have apps onboard—pretty typical at this price level—they do have Chromecast built in, so you can stream video easily from your phone, which is very rare at this price.

Every Apple Watch owner should have two charging cables. One for their nightstand, and one for their luggage. It’s a very easy cable to forget at home, and if you find yourself on the road without a charger, it’s painful to march into an Apple Store and fork over $29 for a new one.

There haven’t been too many third party options to date, but this model is MFI certified, and only $18 today with promo code dodo3333. Just note that it won’t fit in most Apple Watch charging dock accessories, so you’re probably better off putting this one in your bag.

You like falling asleep listening to podcasts or white noise, but your partner doesn’t. How do you deal? DubsLabs Bedphones are extremely thin and wrapped in soft padding, making them ideal for falling asleep while wearing.

For a limited time, you can save 25% on both the wired (regularly $60) and wireless (regularly $100) models with our exclusive KINJA25 promo code.

If you own Apple devices, there’s no such thing as owning too many Lightning cables. Get this standard length cable from Aukey for just $4 today with promo code VZPVAD3S.

Anker’s original PowerLine Lightning cables were our readers’ favorites, and while they’ve been iterated on in the years since, the originals remain far nicer and stronger than Apple’s own cables. For a limited time, you can grab a 6' cable in any color you want for just $8.

The white one is marked down to that price already, but promo code ANKER239 will get you the deal on the other colors. These are great for traveling, because they’re durable enough to survive repeated coiling, and the added length comes in handy in hotels with inconveniently placed power outlets.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.

Private Internet Access doesn’t do much in the way of discounting, but they offer exclusive pricing and packages just for our readers that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are your options, and what you’d pay if you bought the same plan elsewhere:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.

Best Home Deals

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and carving jack-o-lanterns, and this compact battery-operated model is marked down to $66 today on Amazon, within $4 of the best price we’ve seen. There are cheaper corded models out there, but this thing is small enough for one-handed use, and it even comes with a docking station to keep the battery topped off.

One of the big trendy foods of the year, matcha green tea is a super food full of antioxidants, and is thought to help improve metabolism and energy levels. This is in powder form, so you can add it into pretty anything - baked goods, smoothies, lattes, and desserts, just for starters.

Today only, Amazon’s offering a rare deal on a 30g bag of Matcha from Jade Leaf to get you started, with extra savings available if you use Subscribe & Save.

Teflon sheets are great for grilling veggies, making cookies, and even...uh, ironing clothes. These sheets can be cut to size, washed, and reused multiple times, and you can get three of them for just $8 today.

I bet you didn’t come here expecting to see a hatchet deal, but here we are. This one from Fiskars has a 4.6 star review average from over 1,700 Amazon customers, and $21 is about $4 less than usual.

Pressing isn’t always the best way to prepare garlic, but it’s certainly the fastest, and it extracts far more flavor (for better or worse) than simple mincing. If you like to cook, a garlic press should definitely be in your toolkit for $8 (with promo code C8NM8BZ9).

Extra bedding and off-season clothes can eat up a lot of room in your closet. Pack it all up in this $13 underbed storage bag (with code G7NHSIFU). The zipper closure makes it easier to close when it’s overflowing than a plastic box lid, and it looks a lot more “grown-up” too.

You don’t need to buy a new car to get a rear-view camera, you just need $69 (with promo code Y3XQSX2Y).

The camera attaches to your license plate mount, and a cord runs to a wireless transmitter that you can keep in your trunk. That transmitter then beams the signal to an included 4.3" display that you can stick on your windshield or dashboard, meaning you won’t have to run a wire across the length of your car.

Beyond the standard $50 discounts you hear about in the middle of every podcast, Casper mattresses don’t go on sale often, and Casper accessory deals are even rarer. But this weekend only, Casper’s 10% Fall sitewide sale holds the promise of serious savings, if you still haven’t gotten rid of that old coil spring.

To get this deal, you have to buy a mattress (sorry, dog mattresses don’t count), so you can’t take advantage if you’re only shopping for accessories. But 10% savings on a standard Casper mattress works out to nearly $100 on a queen, or as much as $240 on the new, advanced Wave mattress. Just use promo code FALL10 at checkout to see the savings stack up.

The best part of the deal is that any accessories you order at the same time will be discounted as well. I’m personally a huge fan of Casper’s pillow, but they make everything from adjustable bed frames to sheets to box springs, and unlike the mattresses, those are hardly ever eligible for discounts. You have until Sunday, so sleep on it if you must, but they don’t run sales like this often.

Post-it’s Extreme notes can go a lot of places regular Post-its can’t. They’ll stick to rough surfaces like wood and brick, and somehow, they’re even waterproof. We blasted them with a kitchen sink last year, and the paper never shredded, and the ink never ran.

This pack of 12 pads is down to $14 for the first time ever today, so if you ever think you might need some of these, go ahead and stock up.

If you want to have the best Jack-O-Lanterns on the block this Halloween, be sure to pick up this Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit while it’s on sale for $20.

Unlike most Dremel rotary tools, this model’s only 6 volts, and it runs off AA batteries, but it’s still plenty powerful for carving pumpkins. You’ll even get 10 templates to help you get started, but you can obviously find thousands more with a quick Google search.

If your key ring would make a janitor blush, this discounted KeySmart can hold up to 14 of them (or shrink to fit fewer), and basically turns your keys into a pocket knife-like mechanism that reduces jangling, and keeps your pocket organized.

This discounted memory foam wedge pillow can reduce snoring, and Amazon customers who have had surgeries and shoulder injuries say it helped them sleep without pain. That’s all great, and while Amazon’s product description would never say this, it’s also for fuckin’.

The shower head that came preinstalled in your home or apartment is probably terrible, but if you don’t have the cash to upgrade it to a Delta In2ition, the Delta 75152 is a stunningly good option for just $17. That’s not an all-time low, but it is the best price we’ve seen since last year’s holiday season.

Aside from a single switch that toggles between 2.5 and 1.85 gallons per minute, this showerhead doesn’t have any notable features to speak of. But I can tell you from years of experience that its water coverage and ability to amplify low water pressure are incredible. Its four valves use Delta’s H2Okinetic system to agitate the water and create a full, perfectly dispersed wall of water, rather than four individual streams. It’s a difficult sensation to describe, but I absolutely recommend you try it for yourself. And why wouldn’t you at this price?

Our readers have bought thousands upon thousands of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid food storage sets over the years, and today’s a great day to upgrade to the Premier version for the best price we’ve seen since January.

Compared to the originals, these feature a stronger plastic base which is better at resisting stains and smells, and lids that snap to the bottom of their containers, so they’re easier to store together. At just over a dollar per piece, today’s a good day to stock up.

If you own an Instant Pot, and I know for a fact that a lot of you do, this $19 kit (with promo code 35OFFKINJA) will let you use it in a few new ways. You get a steamer basket, an egg bite mold, and two oven mitts, all made from non-reactive, easy-to-store, and dishwasher-safe silicone.

Still don’t have an Instant Pot? They’re on sale right now for just $80!

Breville Smart Oven Air | $320 | Amazon

Breville added air frying and dehydrating features to your favorite line of toaster ovens, and the feature-packed Smart Oven Air is $80 off today, within $11 of the best price we’ve ever seen.

Trust me when I say that once you own one of these, you’ll hardly ever use your “real” oven anymore. It preheats significantly faster, it’s much easier to program, and it’s big enough to cook all but the biggest meals. They don’t go on sale often though, and the Air model hasn’t been this cheap since April. Trust me, it’ll really come in handy when it comes time to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

1-pound bags of pistachios are $6 on Amazon right now (after the $1.20 coupon is applied) what are you still doing here?

Note: It’s listed as an add-on item, but it’ll ship by itself for free with Subscribe & Save.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of options, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers today.

Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with three bottles of wine for just $15, plus $5 shipping. Considering that you aren’t locked in and can cancel any time, that’s a bargain. But it gets even better for our readers, as promo code Kinja will waive the $5 shipping charge, for a limited time. That’s three bottles of wine (all of mine had MSRPs over $20) for just $5 each shipped, with no commitment.

You can read more about the service in my review, but if you choose to remain a member (I did), every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping.

Best Lifestyle Deals

They might make you look like you’re playing left field for the Atlanta Braves, but these Hulislem Blade Ⅱ sport sunglasses are a terrific deal for $16-$18 in today’s Gold Box. Featuring polarized and UV coated lenses, and lightweight TR90 polycarbonate frames, they’ll be great for biking, hiking, running or any other physical activity.

Note: Multiple colors available.

If you like to bike, pedal over to Amazon today for a trio of great deals from Pro Bike. Choose from an outdoor bike cover, a CO2-powered portable pump, or a mini elbow grease-powered tire pump, or just buy all three.

Quick thought experiment: A bird has pooped on you outside a restaurant, and a kind bystander has offered you a paper napkin to clean yourself off. Do you use the napkin and go about your day, or do you go inside and wash off with running water in the bathroom?

That’s the elevator pitch for bidets, and it’s a persuasive one. Of course you should clean your undercarriage with water, it’s pure savagery that most of us don’t. And installing one is a lot easier and cheaper than you might think. Today on Amazon, you can score deals on a pair of bidets from Kohler, including an electric one with a built-in water heater, which really comes in handy in the winter when the pipes run cold.

BalanceFrom’s yoga mat is one of the most popular you can buy, boasting a 4.3 star average from over 9,000 Amazon customers, and you can get it for just $15 today, in a variety of colors. So get out of your downward facing dog and get your butt to Amazon before it sells out.

I could dance around what makes this underwear unique, but it’s easier to just say it: It has a separate compartment for your penis to keep it away from your balls. It sounds a little ridiculous, but when it’s warm out, it can certainly keep you out of some, uh, sticky situations. Try out a three-pack of the ultra-soft bamboo version for $25, or two pairs made from athletic fast-dry material for $22.

When it comes to fall-friendly fashion, L.L. Bean is at the top of the heap. For a limited time, you can save 25% on everything they sell (including sale items) with promo code BEAN25. That includes our readers’ favorite toiletry bag, and your next pair of iconic Bean Boots.

It’s not technically a Clear the Rack sale, but it might as well be. Nordstrom Rack just added a ton of new sale styles to their clearance section for Columbus Day weekend, with basically all of your favorite brands represented. Nearly 20,000 items are available right now, but that’s sure to shrink as the good stuff sells out, so get in there!

Just pick your gender on the sidebar, then use all the dropdowns and other organization tools to sort through the deluge.

Now’s a great time shop at Uniqlo with free shipping all weekend, no minimums required. On top of that they’ve got the perfect seasonal discounts, taking $10 off select merino and ultra light down for both men and women. Choose from down jackets and vests, merino sweaters, full-zip fleeces, leggings, and more in the limited offer section.

You’ll feel pretty, oh so pretty with these Amazon sample boxes, which are essentially free. Pick up any or all of these $20 Amazon luxury beauty box, which is a little more fancy-schmancy than the typical beauty box, and receive equivalent credit to use on a number of featured products (selection varies, but you can find a link on each box’s page). It’s basically free money that you can use to further your beauty obsession.

What if your clothes could do more during the winter than just keeping body hit in. What if they actually generated heat of their own? That’s the promise of Flare, a new smart shirt from Blanc.

Flare is a stretchy, long sleeved shirt/pullover with three integrated carbon fiber heating pads - one on your belly, and two on your back. A zippered pocket features a USB port to power them; just plug in a USB power bank (one is included), and hold down the power button on the bottom of the shirt to fire it up.

About those heating pads. You can definitely tell that there’s something sewn into the fabric, but they’re remarkably thin and flexible. Wearing Flare is like wearing a shirt, not like wearing a tech product. You can even throw it in the washing machine like the rest of your clothes, as long as you take out the power bank first. You are encouraged to air dry it, however.

Unfortunately, Flare won’t be out until the end of the winter, but you still stand to save by preordering it on Kickstarter.

Best Media Deals

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another Kindle ebook sale. This week, the focus is on historical nonfiction, including the ultra-popular Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI. Head over to Amazon though to see all of the deals.

Did you know that out of the box, Nerf guns are...nerfed? A few simple modifications can drastically improve both of Nerf’s two main propulsion systems, and this book details them all, as well as walking you through some awesome paint jobs for your favorite blasters.

The book comes out in a couple of weeks, and you can preorder it today for an all-time low $13, plus preorder price guarantee if it gets any cheaper. With any luck, you’ll earn a lifetime ban from your office Nerf wars.

Best Gaming Deals

Owlboy was well worth nearly a decade of development, and you can grab the gorgeous side scrolling adventure for just $22 on PS4 today, down from the usual $30.

Have any Nintendo fans that you need to cross off your shopping list? Both the Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts hardcover books are down to their best prices in months right now. Each book includes hundreds of pages of exclusive Zelda art, lore, and fan service, and at these prices, you won’t have to chop too much grass or break too many pots to afford them.

Humble Monthly just began a new, and next month’s slate of early access games is one of the best yet. Sign up now to get instant access to Hollow Knight, Hitman Season 1, and 7 Days to Die. It’s just $12 a month to sign up (or less if you pay for multiple months in advance), and every game you download is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel.

You’ve got plenty of time to get caught up on Kingdom Hearts before Kingdom Hearts III comes out next January, and preorders just went live for Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far, which comes out at the end of October, and includes HD remasters of every previous title. It’s not a deal, but it’s possible the physical copy could sell out.

Prime members can also preorder Kingdom Hearts III to receive a $10 Amazon credit (30-35 days after the game comes out). That code is available whether you order a physical or digital copy.

There’s a new Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Switch bundle on the way, and it includes a download code for the game, Smash-themed Joy-Con, and a unique Switch Dock with all of the original N64 game’s characters tastefully embossed on the front. It’s up for preorder now for $360 (and a clippable Amazon coupon saves you a whopping $3.60 - it’s better than nothing!), and comes out November 2, though the game won’t unlock until December 7.

Already have a Switch? You can preorder the game by itself here, and Prime members will get a $10 Amazon credit added to their account about a month after it ships.

The official Smash Ultimate GameCube controller is in stock as well.

The official controller adapter is currently sold out, but this third party option has terrific reviews.

Of all the themes you could choose for a Humble Bundle, “Overwhelmingly Positive,” meaning overwhelmingly positive Steam ratings, has to be near the top of the list. Pay what you want to get the likes of Subsurface Circular, SOMA, and Opus Magnum.

As always, the games are split among different price tiers, but $15 will unlock everything, including a $2 Humble Wallet credit for Humble Monthly members.