Frank Body, the Australian, coffee-based skincare line, is literally a cup of coffee for your skin. Their Original Coffee Body scrub, which is basically a bag of coffee grounds and other skin-softening goodies, is a godsend for those of us that need a double or triple dose of caffeine to get going. It also happens to leave your skin feeling ridiculously soft.

You know how when you leave a cafƩ after spending some time in there, your clothes smell like roasted coffee? Imagine that rich, deep scent on your skin. The Coffee Scrub has roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, cold pressed sweet almond oil, vitamin E, sea salt, brown sugar, and a few other ingredients that helps slough off dead skin.

Iā€™ve only used the Original, which was made famous on Instagram by frank body and the plethora of in-shower selfies covered in the stuff, but it also comes in Coconut, Peppermint, and Cacao versions. Each version has unique set of ingredients, but the robusta coffee beans remain the same. Itā€™s also completely vegan.


The best way to use it is in the shower while youā€™re already wet. I recommend grabbing a scoop of some sort (I use a large measuring spoon) so that you donā€™t get the grounds everywhere. Though, they do kind of get everywhere anyway, so be prepared to rinse your shower or tub afterwards.