Spend Just $80 to Buy Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2021 and a Course to Learn How to Use It

Get MS Office Professional and 39 hours of courses on its use for $360 off the software's price alone.

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Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2021 Lifetime License + Training Bundle | $80 | StackSocial

Have your cake (a lifetime license for Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2021) and eat it too (learn how to use it with 8 courses spread across 39 hours of lessons on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Access, and Publisher 365) when you pick up this software + training bundle. Just taken on its own, this is a great deal for Microsoft Office Professional. But toss in all eight of the courses included in the bundle—which StackSocial says are a $200 value, each— and you’ve got a great value for anyone who has always had no idea how to use bullets in Microsoft Word and has been too afraid to ask. This deal is only running through to 3/31/2022, so best to jump on it while it lasts.

This story was originally published by Wes Davis on 03/09/2021 and updated by Keith Stawarz with new information on 03/26/2022.