So, Alexander Wang Just Came Out With a $1,000 Cooler "Bag"

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Everyone hounded me the other day as I touted a $35 cooler bag that was shaped like a summer fruit. I wonder how everyone would feel if I tried to tell them to buy this $1,000 leather Alexander Wang cooler “bag”. I won’t, but you still need to see it, because it is some shit.

In collaboration with ice cream company Magnum (shout out to those Double Caramel Bars, they’re delicious) and announced at Cannes, the fashion icon created a classic Igloo-style ice chest out of leather for reasons that make as much sense as an ice cream company partnering with a high-end fashion designer.

The kitsch, as I’ve made abundantly clear previously, isn’t lost on me. The bag is crafted out of cowhide, with a stainless steel removable insert to keep things cold and to also, ya know, keep any liquid away from the hunk of leather you just paid a grand for. The top slides open to the side like you’d expect at the push of a button (because they used the same molds that make actual Igloo coolers, obviously), like you’re about to dig your hand through a pile of half-melted ice to grab a Bud Lite. Bella Hadid is the face of the campaign because of course she is.


While it’s still in pre-order, stock is already low because we live in fantasy universe where things like a cooler made out of leather that costs the same as rent in a crappy NYC apartment makes sense.

It does kinda look nice, though.