Say Goodbye to Dead Remotes and Gaming Controllers With Rechargeable Batteries

Save on AA and AAA batteries as well as a USB-C charger for them.

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Amazon Basics 16-pack AA Rechargeable Batteries | $21 | Amazon
Amazon Basics 16-pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries | $14 | Amazon
Universal Battery Charger | $19 | Amazon

We’ve all been here. You go to flip on the TV and ... nothing. Or you’re playing Xbox and your controller disconnects in the middle of a game. You go rummaging through your drawers to see if you still have a pack of batteries anywhere, but you can find any and now you’re stuck rotating a single pair of AAs between all your little gadgets in your home. Enough of that. Set yourself up with some rechargeable batteries. Amazon Basics has 16 packs of AAs and AAAs for just $21 and $14, respectively. Then keep them charged with a universal battery charger for just $19. A small price to never have to worry about a dead TV remote again.