Repair Your Hair With 20% Off Geologie’s Co-wash

Hair health starts with scalp health at the root of it.

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Geologie Co-Wash | 20% Off | Geologie | Promo Code: INVENTORY20
Geologie Co-Wash | 20% Off | Geologie | Promo Code: INVENTORY20
Graphic: Geologie

Geologie Co-Wash | 20% Off | Geologie | Promo Code: INVENTORY20

We all love a good sudsy moment, but a bubbly lather is not the best for your hair. See, a good lather strips your scalp of its natural oils, leaving your hair dry, frizzy, and overall broken. Enter Geologie’s Co-Wash, to get to the root (ha ha) of the problem.

A Co-Wash is a conditioner wash. Shocking, I know. Co-Wash cleans the scalp and hair without the sulfates that give it a bubbly feeling. Rather, the friction of using a Co-Wash lifts the “grime” from your hair without damaging it—keeping your hair healthy and full of its good natural oils. It cleanses and conditions in just a single step. That means less frizz and more shine.

And yes, it starts with your roots. Instead of sudsing up, Co-Wash “cleans” when you scrub your roots with your hands; if you scrub more vigorously, Co-Wash will give you the same squeaky clean feeling as if you’d suds’d your scalp, sans breakage from chemicals.

Because it’s free of harmful chemicals, Co-Wash can be used … whenever. If you wash every day? Co-Wash. If you wash every couple days? Co-Wash. The fact that it’s non-stripping lets you … do you. And with less breakage in your locks, your hair will be back to its manageable old self too. Save 20% on Co-Wash with code INVENTORY20.