Protect Your Offsprings' Eyes With Felix Gray's New Blue Light-Blocking Glasses For Kids

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I don’t have kids, but from what I understand, parents these days are pretty concerned about the amount of screen time their tots are logging. I get it! There are a lot more screens to look at now than there were when I was a kid, and also, the internet is a terrible place. Best to protect the children from all that noise for as long as possible.

But when your child inevitably needs to consume their daily dose of Paw Patrol (and you just need a break for a few minutes), you might feel a bit better about handing over the iPad if you invest in Felix Gray’s new line of blue light-blocking glasses for kids.

As we’re all well aware, blue light from screens can cause issues like digital eye strain, so Felix Gray has shrunk down their popular Nash, Roebling and Faraday frames into to two size ranges for kids 4-8 and kids 9-13, in a host of kid-exclusive colors. The glasses come in prescription and non-prescription, and are also available as sleep glasses, which feature a yellowish tint and have been clinically shown to improve melatonin secretion by 2x (and could come in particularly handy for pre-bedtime movie viewings).


Pairs start at $95 for non-prescription glasses, and $145 for prescription, so go ahead and get some for your kiddos before that screen addiction fully kicks in. Also, try not to worry too much—I learned the alphabet before I was 2 from watching A LOT of Sesame Street, and I turned out ok. The kids will be fine!