Preorder To Grab A Rare Discount On The Simplest Men's Skincare System [Exclusive]

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One of our favorite shaving creams, Mavericks, typically retails for $25, but by taking advantage of their Indiegogo campaign and our exclusive perk, you can grab it for just 19 bucks, plus a free tube of face cleanser.

You’re probably moisturizing too little (never), not wearing sunscreen, exfoliating too much, and using bad shaving creams and face washes, so take this opportunity to dip your foot into the Mavericks ecosystem and do better. The shave cream and face wash sell for $35 on Indiegogo for everyone else, but it’s $19 just for our readers for a limited time.

This is the same stuff I reviewed here, but it proved to be so popular that they completely sold out, hence the Indiegogo to take preorders until they can restock next month.