Preorder and Save on the Multitool of Jackets

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Preorder Baubax 2.0 | $129-$149 | Kickstarter

Update: Only two days left on this campaign.

Baubax is back with its second multifunctional jacket, the Go Go Gadget Jacket the Baubax 2.0, and you can save by preordering as its stupid-successful Kickstarter campaign winds down.

The Baubax 2.0 is actually a line of four different jackets: a hoodie, a bomber, a windbreaker, and a vest, but all four feature most of the line’s impressive list of over 25 features (though each has at least one omission). Now, a lot of those features could be categorized as different sizes of pockets, and indeed, these jackets have a lot of pockets, especially on the inside. But a few others are really unique.

There’s the retractable keychain (not included in my sample), the microfiber cloth tethered to a pocket, the zipper with a detachable pen and stylus. They all even hide inflatable neck pillows inside the hood (tucked underneath an eye mask, naturally). It’s a little bulky to keep inside the hood all the time, but it’s a clever storage solution when you’re traveling.

You can head over to Baubax’s Kickstarter page to see all of the features in action, and then preorder the jacket of your choice for $129-$149, depending on the style, with delivery estimated for August.

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