Preorder and Save on a Toiletry Kit Inspired By Tool Rolls

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After raising over $50,000 for the original Tashtego toiletry kit, the same creator is back with a new and improved model.

The Tashtego 2.0 isn’t a toiletry bag as you’ve come to expect; it’s more like a a tool roll, but for things like toothbrushes and deodorant instead of hammers and wrenches. In fact, it was inspired by the creator’s love of flying small airplanes, which required him to pack tools as efficiently as possible.

Once you unroll it, you’ll find a variety of pockets and pouches, some of which include snap-close buttons or zippers, to keep all of your grooming gear separated from each other. “No more hairs in your toothbrush,” as the campaign’s page puts it.

Once everything’s packed, you fold, roll, and close it with an adjustable metal g-hook. it may take up a bit more space in your bag than a compact bag like the Gravel Expeditioner, but it is admittedly easier to pack, and can more readily hold awkward or oversized items.


Preorders are available now starting at $34, with shipments expected in December.