Powdered Face Wash Is the Future We Deserve

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If we can powder dry shampoo, toothpaste, and under-eye concealer, why not face wash?

By Wishtrend isn’t the most well-known K-beauty brand, but their Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash should be on everyone’s radar. This stuff is pure, powdered gold. Or, green? It’s pure powdered green.

All the important ingredients in the Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash, prior to being wet, are preserved. That means by adding water, it not only activates the foam, but also activates the enzymes within it as well. The green tea and enzymes work to balance your face’s natural pH, which helps with oil control, blemishes, and dryness.

It smells like green tea (duh) which is soothing pretty much immediately. Washing my face felt like I stuck my head over a giant, hot matcha latte and breathed in. It’s earthy and vegetal, without being overly-scented or fragranced. I also really enjoy the texture; it feels more granular and sand-like than a true powder. Because it holds a little bit of grit, it leaves your skin feeling exfoliated as well as cleansed.


While I will still cleanse my face with my CeraVe in the morning, this is a really great nighttime step. It feels cleaner than just splashing water on my face and calling it a day (which happens most of the time for me, don’t judge). Plus, it’ll travel extremely well, without the possibility of drowning your entire makeup bag in face wash if things go awry. I also have a feeling it’ll last you quite a bit longer than a normal, liquid face wash.

If you’re not a big green tea fan, brands like Tatcha, Murad, and Josie Maran have their own enzyme powder face washes as well.