Pick Up This 25" AOC Gaming Monitor For Just $160 Right Now

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AOC G2590FX 25" Framless Gaming Monitor | $160 | Amazon
AOC G2590FX 25" Framless Gaming Monitor | $160 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

AOC G2590FX 25" Frameless Gaming Monitor | $160 | Amazon

Yo Kyle,

Remember when we went to that internet cafe and you said playing with a larger monitor helped you aim better? Dude, check out this AOC G2590FX 25" frameless gaming monitor.

It’s $160 which is pretty solid for a monitor, but it has crazy specs: 144Hz refresh rate, G-Sync compatible, 1ms response time, and its 1920x1080, which is decent to play Overwatch on. It’s definitely better than playing on that 15" display on your laptop, that’s for sure.

This is also the lowest it’s ever been. So check it out.