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Phlur Makes Finding Your Signature Scent As Unobtrusive As Possible

Finding a fragrance is no longer about smelling strips of paper shoved into your face by pushy salespeople in malls, and Phlur is here to make sure it stays that way.

I recently got to try out Phlur’s two most popular scents: Hanami and Greylocke. Hanami is a complicated, bold scent that felt like it shifted over the course of the day, which I enjoyed. I’m wearing it as I write this and it has now become my everyday go-to. The scent is also pretty unobtrusive to other people, which is my fear for stronger-smelling fragrances. I once watched a woman cover her face with a scarf on the subway because a guy was wearing too much cologne, and I’m really not trying to do that.

Greylocke took a little longer to get used it. It’s very citrusy (I immediately thought of bugspray), sharper, and leans more unisex than Hanami. The citrus doesn’t really dissipate as much as mellow out, which was nice. It’s not a fragrance I’d normally wear, but if bright scents are your bag, it’s a great alternative to what you wear now.

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You also have the option of trying two samples for $10, with explainers on how to experience the scent to its full potential. Then, if you end up liking one, they will give you back that $10 towards a full-size.

The reason Phlur is so great is that the brand isn’t trying to be something it’s not. There isn’t going to be some B-list celebrity trying to sell you a scent on TV by covering themselves in gold or walking through a desert. Phlur believes that the scent you choose actually says something about you.

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