Peek Behind the Royal Family's Curtain in Prince Harry’s Spare for $22

Save 38% on Prince Harry's new bestselling memoir.

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Prince Harry’s Spare | $22 | Amazon
Prince Harry’s Spare | $22 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Prince Harry’s Spare | $22 | Amazon

The number one bestselling book on Amazon right now is predictably Prince Harry’s Spare. The Duke of Sussex tells all in this memoir chronically his journey of losing his mother at the age of 12, joining the British Army, and meeting the love of his life—Meghan. Something that might seem fairly obvious that I only learned just not with this book’s release last week is that Prince Harry doesn’t have a last name. Like the royal family just doesn’t have a last name. They’re just “the royal family”. I had never really thought about it until recently. Anyway, you can get yourself a hardcover copy at Amazon for just $22.