Packing Cubes Will Change the Way You Travel, And Some of Our Favorites Are On Sale

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There are a lot of packing cubes out there, but Eagle Creek’s Specter cubes are among the best, and you can grab three of them for $25 today, the best price Amazon’s ever listed.

From our review on The Inventory:

Ultralight, water resistant, translucent, washable, and sporting a full-zip design and handles, the Specter line is easy to pack, easy to use, and won’t weigh you down.

Of course, packing cubes make it easier to separate your socks, underwear, shirts, and pants while packing, but I really love them on trips where I’m staying in multiple locations over the course of several nights. I’ll pack everything I need for my first hotel stay in one cube, and everything I need for the second location in a second cube. That way, I don’t have to unpack my entire suitcase in each hotel. I’m not saying this happens often, but it’s great, okay!