Eagle Creek Sold Me On Packing Cubes

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In spite of a decade of Lifehacker articles, tens of thousands of purchases by Kinja Deals readers, and being one of those people who doesn’t unpack in hotel rooms, I’ve never been a packing cube guy. Eagle Creek has shown me the light.

Eagle Creek is synonymous with packing cubes and packable gear in general. A quick search of their cubes on Amazon or their site is totally overwhelming, so we’ll cut to the chase and say go with their newer Specter line.

Ultralight, water resistant, translucent, washable, and sporting a full-zip design and handles, the Specter line is easy to pack, easy to use, and won’t weigh you down. Specter also covers all your bases:


Eagle Creek Specter bags are now a permanent fixture in my luggage, and I’m sorry I waited.