Own Sonic's Severed Head for $35

Sonic's plush head is 15" in size and is no longer connected to his body.

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Sonic Mega 15" Plush Stuffed Toy | $35 | Amazon
Knuckles Mega 15" Plush Stuffed Toy | $32 | Amazon
Tails Mega 15" Plush Stuffed Toy | $35 | Amazon

We’ve done it, folks. We’ve finally killed Sonic. We’ve beheaded the blue menace along with his red and yellow friends. Anyway, we’re not really sure what we’d like to do with the heads now. You can just go buy them if you’d like. The important thing is that he’s reign of evil had been stopped. Unlike normal severed heads, Sonic & friends appear to have their craniums stuffed with a soft, fluffy material as opposed to a skull and blood-soaked brain. This makes them great gifts for kids.


This deal was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 01/31/2022 and updated with new information on 07/19/2022.