OLIVERS: If You Must Wear Shorts, Wear These

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All shorts should have built-in liners. If you’re wearing shorts you’re already not trying (and that’s fine!), so convenience is paramount here. What I’ve searched for through all the shorts I’ve tested over the last year is a pair that you can workout, hike, and swim in, and dress up with a button-up shirt. OLIVERS comes closer than anything else.

I started this quest because of Myles, a company that shocked us by managing to make what was essentially a pair of swim trunks look good. Shortly after that I discovered Vuori, maker of ridiculously comfortable shorts that introduced me to the critical built-in liner.


After that I ran (sometimes literally) a gauntlet of shorts that mostly swung too far toward the athletic side of the spectrum to keep wearing after your workout. I also found Dish & Duer, maker of what are by far my favorite hiking pants, who also make my favorite hiking shorts. But Dish doesn’t include a liner.

OLIVERS doesn’t include merino like Icebreaker, doesn’t look as good Parker Dusseau, and isn’t as comfortable as Vuori, as durable as Dish & Duer, or as swim-ready as well... a pair of swim trunks. But OLIVERS is a jack of all trades, and that’s exactly what a pair of shorts should be.