Monday's Best Lifestyle Deals: Holiday Decorations, Target Beauty Box, Urban Outfitters, and More

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Target’s $7 December Beauty Box, discounted holiday decorations from Amazon, Kate Spade at Nordstrom Rack, and more lead Monday’s best lifestyle deals.

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Beauty Steals

The Target Beauty Box comes out once a month and usually sells out quicker than you’d like. If you hurry, you can pick up six samples of some really impressive beauty goods for only $7. Plus, this month’s includes a coupong for $3 off your next $15+ order.

This month’s includes:

The Big Sales

Usually, Urban Outfitters’ sales are category specific, but for Black Friday, they’re going discounts on discounts. If there’s anything you’ve been eyeing, Urban is giving you an extra 30% off their entire sale section. Outerwear, denim, dresses, accessories, basically everything is an extra 30% off, no code needed.

Lou & Grey used to be a humble section of Ann Taylor that has now exploded into its own great brand. I’ve written about how much I love the brand, and right now they’re giving you 40% off select items, including sweaters and cozy pants.

The winter temperatures are ramping up, which means you’ll be spending less time deciding what to wear in the morning and more time piling sweaters on. ASOS wants to make that layering configuration even more stylish with 30% off winter styles, including outerwear, over-the-knee boots, velvet, and more.

I wonder if Nordstrom Rack had some insider info on Kate Spade when they launched this sale, because there are literally three pages of bags, two pages of clothes, two pages of accessories, and a whole lot of shoes. These Kate Spade prices may not be feasible in the coming months now that Big Daddy Coach owns them, but for right now, this isn’t a sale to pass up.

Hiking can be fun, really, but only if you have the proper gear (which, a lot of times, no one has unless you’re really into hiking). These Ridgepass boots from Merrell are unoffensive, fully waterproof with removable footbeds, and they’re all 50% off. A quality hiking boot for under $65? Yeah, you’re welcome.

HOME Goods

Buying ornaments to hang on your tree or around the house is a tradition, but sometimes those decorations are just...really old. Amazon can help you bring your decor into 2017 with this one-day sale on ornaments, LED lights, candles, and more. Whats a holiday without new decorations that you’ll see for three weeks and then not again for another 12 months?

If you saw Gizmodo’s recent review for the Tim Cook-approved Nebia Spa Shower, and decided you wanted one as soon as it got a little cheaper, today’s your lucky day.

For one day only, Amazon’s discounting the Nebia to $500 from its usual $650, the first discount we’ve ever seen on the system. The gist of this thing is that it atomizes the water into millions of tiny droplets, and propels them at twice the speed of a regular shower stream, forming full wall of water coverage that can blast the soap right off your body. It’ll feel great, and it uses up to 70% less water than a regular shower, so in theory at least, this will pay for itself eventually.

Update: This deal is back if you missed it over Black Friday.

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omelettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $16. The Dash is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a stellar 4.5 star review average from nearly 4,500 customers, so get it while it’s on sale today!

We posted a deal on these best-selling 33' string lights last week for $8, but today’s deal at $10 (with code XMASLIT2) includes the remote, which allows you adjust the brightness, set the twinkling speed, or simply turn off and on. Grab a couple of strands before this deals burns out.

If you don’t need the remote, the $8 deal is still going strong.

We’ve all had to throw away leftovers or cuts of meat and cheese that spent a little too much time in the fridge or freezer, but vacuum sealing your foods can keep them safe from freezer burn pretty much indefinitely, and dramatically extend their shelf life everywhere else.

It sounds like an expensive proposition, but today, Amazon’s selling this well-reviewed FoodSaver V3240 Starter Kit for just $71, within a few cents of an all-time low. Of course you can use this to store meats in the freezer for a long time, but it can also keep cheese from molding, lettuce from wilting, or cookies from going stale, just to name a few examples. Think about how much food you throw away, and you’ll get a sense of just how quickly this purchase could pay for itself.

It’s not exactly a second season, but Firefly fans should still be excited to see that the show just got a special edition 15th anniversary Blu-ray release earlier this year, and you can get it for the best price in the history of the Verse today.

The contents of the discs are unchanged from the original release, but the set does include some nice box art, a map, and and postcards of all the major characters.

Cross off all the future engineers, architects, and LEGO lovers on your gift list with this one-day-only building set sale. It includes discounted LEGO sets, K’NEX, and Magformers, so you can be sure to get something for all ages and skills levels. Some of these, especially the LEGO sets, could sell out so grab what you need before this deal falls apart.

It’s doubtful this 10-piece cookware set will last a lifetime, but at $28, it might be worth giving them a try for a little while. These pots and pans are nonstick and dishwasher safe, and have a surprisingly-decent 4-star rating with 1,700 reviews. They’d be great for a very casual chef or someone who is just moving out on their own.

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.

The kit comes with three foot-long LED light bars, plus three connecting cables. You can either plug the bars into each other to create a longer strip, or use the cables to snake around corners and extend your setup. Once it’s all installed, just use the touch-sensitive power button to turn them on and adjust the brightness, and enjoy a well-lit countertop while you prepare dinner.


Luminoodle Basecamp | $72 | Amazon
Luminoodle Plus | $32 | Amazon

Luminoodle reinvented what string lights can be, and two different models are 20% off today.

The Luminoodle Basecamp plugs into the wall or the power port in your car, and provides you with 20 feet of flexible light in 14 different colors. It works great as a permanently installed accent light, say on your patio, but you could easily throw it up between a couple of trees to illuminate an impromptu outdoor event, if you have a place to plug it in.

For a more portable option, check out the Luminoodle Plus. This one’s only 5' long, and only glows white, but it runs off USB, and includes a 4400mAH battery pack that can power it for about three hours. You can even ball it up and throw it into the included translucent bag to use it like a lantern.

Anker’s PowerCore line of battery packs have been our readers’ favorites since they debuted, and now you can save on two different sizes of its sequel, the PowerCore II.

Cosmetically, the PowerCore IIs look very similar to the original PowerCores, but with more precise eight-dot charge indicators so you know how much juice you have left. But inside, they’ve been upgraded with Anker’s new PowerIQ 2.0 charging technology, which delivers the fastest possible charging speed to your devices, including Quick Charge-compatible phones. That speed works both ways, as the entire battery will recharge in four or five hours (for the 10,000 and 20,000mAh models, respectively) if you plug them into a QC wall charger.

If you’ve been meaning to buy yourself some noise canceling headphones, there’s no time like the present. These Sony XB950s are all the way down to $113 today, besting their already-great Black Friday price by $10. They would also make a great gift for anyone that spends a lot of time on planes or trains.