Faire Leather Co.

Faire Leather Co. has made another one of those beautiful leather bags with compartments for everything, but theirs is a full briefcase.

Absolutely packed with pockets and premium features like magnetic zippers, Faire Leather Co.’s Bond Travel Briefcase bumps the minimalist leather catch-all laptop bag up a level. One half features the clamshell design that opens to reveal the slew of very specific storage you’re used to in this category, while your laptop/switch/iPad gets dedicated storage on the opposite side.

GIF: Faire Leather Co.

The form factor leaves enough room to shove some essentials like extra undergarments in for very short trips, and also features a trolley strap to slide the briefcase over your roller bag, though there’s nowhere to put a travel mug. It also looks great, especially in its navy and burgundy colorways.


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