MassDrop's Blowing Out Last Year's Sony OLED TVs

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We’ve seen a lot of deals on last year’s LG OLED TVs, but today, MassDrop’s selling last year’s Sony A1E OLED sets for the best prices ever.

The headlining feature (some would say gimmick) of the A1E is that it actually uses micro-vibrations of the display to generate sound, turning the entire set into a speaker. Let’s be honest though, if you’re spending over $2,000 on a TV, you probably at least have a sound bar to plug into it, if not a complete home theater audio setup.

That said, like all OLED TVs, the picture is going to look amazing, with truly black blacks, vivid colors, and 4K resolution. MassDrop will sell you the 55" model for $2100 ($700 less than elsewhere), the 65" for $2900 ($600 less), or the 75" for <gulp> $10,000 (a whopping $3,000 below everywhere else). Just note that they can’t actually advertise these prices on the product pages, so you won’t see the discount until you get to the checkout screen.