Today's Best Deals: LED Bulbs, High-End Roomba, Samsung Gear, and More

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LED bulbs, the Galaxy S5, and a high-end Roomba kick off Friday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

If you’re ready to take the plunge into LED lighting, this 6-pack of higly-rated TCP daylight bulbs is down to just $18 on Amazon right now, one of the best per-bulb prices we’ve ever seen. They aren’t dimmable, so you won’t want to put them in certain fixtures, but it’s a great bulk pack for filling out ceiling lights and lamps throughout your house.

Once you’ve got them, check to see if your local utility company offers rebates for purchasing LEDs. If so, it’s possible these could pay for themselves even quicker than they would otherwise.

If you prefer a warmer bulb, the equivalent soft white pack is just a couple bucks more.

Apple’s top-of-the-line 15” MacBook Pro is probably overkill for most people, but if you expect a lot out of your laptop, you won’t find a better deal than this. The $2,500 model is all the way down to $1940 on eBay today, which is actually less than the MSRP of the base model 15” Pro.

Granted, that’s still a lot of money, but it buys you a whole lot of computer. We’re talking a 2.5GHz quad-core i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, a discrete AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card, and a 2880x1800 retina display. Aside from a few minor build-to-order spec upgrades, this is the most powerful portable computer Apple has ever shipped, and if you’ve been on the fence about getting one, a 20% discount is basically unheard of.

A pocket-sized USB battery pack certainly has its place, but for conferences, long flights, or power outages, it never hurts to have a bigger model waiting in the wings.

This 26,800mAh pack from RAVPower can recharge an iPhone up to 10 times, and includes three USB ports for sharing. And unlike many battery packs, it can utilize 2A chargers for recharging, which is important when you’re trying to refill the battery equivalent of three iPads. $50's a fair price for something like this, but promo code IIBRDGD6 will bring it down to $40 for a limited time.

The Presto FlipSide was one of your five favorite waffle irons, and you can pick one up from Amazon today for an all-time low $28.

I probably make fresh waffles in my waffle iron every other weekend or so, but in between, I’ve used it to make hash browns, pressed sandwiches, and even churros. Lifehacker has a ton of other suggestions too, including mozzarella sticks, 90-second cookies, pre-packaged cinnamon rolls, and even crispy bacon. So you see, calling this thing a waffle iron is practically a misnomer.

Need a little push to get off the couch? The Fitbit Charge HR is the best fitness tracker for most people, and you can get one for just $100 today, which is a match for the best deal we’ve seen on the heart rate-tracking model.

Dell’s P2415Q 4K monitor has always been the most affordable 4K IPS display on the market, but today, it’s all the way down to $361 on Amazon, the best price we’ve ever seen.

To be clear, there have been arguably better deals on this monitor from Dell, but those all involved Dell promo gift cards; this is the best cash price we’ve ever seen.

If you aren’t familiar, IPS displays boast superior color accuracy and viewing angles compared to the TN panels you’ll find in most cheap 4K monitors, and with this deal, you’re basically getting IPS for “free” compared to the going rate for similar 4K displays. I happen to own this exact monitor, and I absolutely love it.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. This five pound Haribo Gold-Bears deal was available briefly last weekend, but if you missed out, here’s another chance. If you pay extra for the one day shipping, you’ll have it in time for a wild weekend.

For a limited time, Amazon’s taking an extra 20% off dozens of “box top” cereals and snacks through their Prime Pantry program. You can find all of the eligible items here; just be sure to clip the coupon on the product pages, and note that the prices listed are before the discount, which won’t be applied until checkout.

If Prime Pantry’s $6 per delivery fee is scaring you off, all you have to do is add five of these select items (including several of the aforementioned box top snacks) to your box to enjoy free shipping. And if that weren’t enough, if you have a Prime Pantry no-rush shipping credit in your account, that’ll stack with this deal, giving you an extra $6 off.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, and you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest, the perfectly capable Samsung Galaxy S5 is available for just $160 today refurbished, courtesy of Amazon.

It’s two years old at this point, but the GS5 is still capable of shooting 4K video, features a 5.1" 1080p AMOLED screen, and is even waterproof. That’s a lot of phone for the money. Just note that it’s only compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, and that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning this price is only available today, or until sold out.

Just in time for warm weather, Uniqlo is deeply discounting a ton of linen shirts for men and women today.

Mens’ shirts cost a flat $20 each, and come in a variety of colors. I’ve bought a few and I can confirm that they’re comfortable and breathable, just note that they tend to run a little big.

Women have a few more options here, ranging from $10 linen tanks tops to $20 shirts to $30 tunics, all in an array of different colors.

Unfortunately, today isn’t a free shipping holiday, but normal shipping rates are reasonable, and orders over $99 ship for free.

Life’s too short to vacuum every other day, but luckily, you can pawn that tedious chore off to your very own robot, and one of the best are on sale today.

Update: Now matched at Amazon.

The iRobot Roomba 870 is designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers, and can even detect the dirtiest areas of your floor to give them extra attention. Just schedule your cleanings, and let it work; it can even dock itself to charge once it’s finished. I got a Roomba 770 a few months ago, and I absolutely adore the thing.

Today’s Best Buy deal is a whopping $150 less than usual, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out early.

DJI’s oft-overlooked Phantom 3 4K is basically a Phantom 3 Professional, but with the standard Wi-Fi video downlink, rather than DJI’s LightBridge technology. That means your range is going to max out at a few thousand feet in ideal conditions, rather than over a mile, but otherwise, it’s an extremely capable drone.

Today on eBay, you can get the drone, a backpack, and an extra battery all for just $600, or $30 less than Amazon is currently selling the drone by itself. The backpack and extra battery are essential accessories for anyone looking to take up this hobby, so if you’ve been on the fence about picking one up, I wouldn’t hesitate.

A whole bunch of high-end 4K Samsung TVs are on sale today around the web, starting at under $700 for a 50" model, and ranging up to $1375 for a 3D curved option.

The Dyson DC35 Origin transforms from a compact-but-powerful hand vacuum into a full length stick vac in seconds, and is of course completely cordless too. Dyson dominated the nominations for your favorite vacuum, and today’s price is solid, as long as you don’t mind buying a refurb.

Wondering why Scarlett Johansson is wearing this terrible wig? Find out with these cheap Ghost in the Shell anime Blu-rays.

Mpow basically created the cheap Bluetooth headphone market, and their noise-cancelling Wolverine models are marked down to $16 today, the best price we’ve seen.

Microfiber clothes are great for cleaning everything from your face to your computer monitor to your car, and this 24-pack is back down to just $10 today on Amazon. We saw it for this price about three weeks ago, but that was only available for Prime members.

Motion-sensing night lights are great for everything from lighting up your closet to finding the bathroom at night, and this 6-pack is on sale for just $40 today.

These lights are battery-operated, meaning you can stick them anywhere you want, and they’ll shut off automatically after 30 seconds if they don’t detect any movement.

Seek’s thermal imaging camera promises to give your phone heat-sensitive Predator vision, and it (mostly) delivers! If you’ve been waiting for a deal to pick one up, Amazon has the Android version for $170 today, an all-time low. it Is it frivolous? Probably. Do I still want it? Yes, absolutely.

You don’t need it for another 7 months or so, but $20 is by far the best price we’ve seen on a landscape laser light projector, if you want to get an early jump on your holiday decorating.

If you aren’t familiar, these genius little gadgets use lasers to project red and green lights onto the front of your house, giving the appearance of holiday spirit without the hassle of actually hanging up outdoor lights. Last year was the first time they were widely available, but they were almost impossible to find, and consistently cost $40-$50. So yes, this deal is about half a year ahead of schedule, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

If you use a Keurig machine to make your morning coffee (not judging!), Amazon will sell you a K-cup sample box for $10, and give you that $10 back as a credit to purchase more coffee products later on. Assuming you use the credit, that’s like getting a dozen K-cups for free.

Like the idea of a Belkin WeMo Switch, but not willing to spend $40-$50 to try one out. This TP-Link alternative has a nearly identical feature set for half the price.

Just like a WeMo switch, TP-Link’s Smart Plug will let you turn appliances on and off from your smartphone, and set schedules to toggle them automatically. The only major feature it’s lacking is IFTTT support, but it will integrate with an Amazon Echo for voice control.

ADATA’s Premiere line of SSDs isn’t nearly as fast or as well-known as Samsung’s 850 series, but it still got a solid review from Anandtech, and this 960GB model is down to an absurdly low $188 on Newegg’s eBay storefront, complete with a three year warranty.

A few months ago, I bought the 480GB model of this drive in order to build a my own DIY external SSD, and it’s worked incredibly well so far. Seeing this price though, I wish I’d waited.

If any furniture or rugs in your home could use replacing, Target’s taking an extra 10% off select products with promo code HOME10 today. Browse the furniture and rug selection here, and keep an eye out for products marked “10% off with code” to find eligible items.

If you hurry, Amazon’s selling your undisputed favorite travel mug, the Contigo Autoseal West Loop, for as little as $13, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen, and a solid discount from its usual $18-$20. Just be sure to grab one before the deal cools off.

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite is one of the most popular mechanical gaming keyboards out there, and you can pick one up for $80 today, which is one of the best deals we’ve seen an all-time low. For that price, you’re getting individually backlit keys, give macro keys with on-the-fly recording, and Razer’s new proprietary key switches.

If a refurb wouldn’t bother you, Amazon has it for $10 less.

After a longer-than-usual layoff, PayPal’s eBay storefront is once again offering a solid discount on a $100 iTunes gift card. This time around, it’s a 15% discount, compared to the more frequent 20% deal, but if your balance is empty or running low, it’s still worth stocking up.

Everyone who owns a car should also own an OBD-II scanner to diagnose check engine lights, and at $14, there’s no reason not to. There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models out there that sync with your phone for a little more money, but this is a great option if you don’t want to futz with apps.

Anker, purveyor of your favorite battery packs, charging cables, and Bluetooth speakers, also makes some advanced LED desk lamps, and a pair of them are on sale today.

The standard Lumos lamp includes four different lighting temperatures for different times of the day, as well as five dimming modes, and even a USB charging port for your phone. We see a lot of deals on desk lamps, and $34 is a fantastic price for that feature set.

If only the best will do, the Lumos E1 is also on sale for an all-time low $59. Compared to the standard Lumos, the E1 includes brighter bulbs, an extra color temperature, an extra dimming level, and an extra charging port.

Whether you’re starting your Philips Hue collection, or just need some extra bulbs, you won’t find a better deal today than this three-bulb starter kit for $135 on Amazon. Even if you already have a Bridge, this would represent a solid discount on the bulbs, which normally sell for $60 each.

Note: This is the first generation starter kit, which features dimmer bulbs compared to the current model, and a bridge that isn’t compatible with Apple HomeKit.

If the power at your house can be a little spotty, this $20 APC backup UPS is designed specifically to keep your modem and router running for up to three hours on battery power, so you won’t have to lose touch with the world.




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