It's Your Last Chance to Experience Bellesa's Gaia Vibe, Now Just $35

Bellesa's 3-in-1 toy is disappearing forever, in this form at least.

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65% off Gaia Vibe | Bellesa Boutique | Use Code GAIA35
65% off Gaia Vibe | Bellesa Boutique | Use Code GAIA35
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Every toy Bellesa designs is well thought out and beautifully crafted. Their OG line is one of the best in the industry but as time goes on, so does technology. They’ve announced that the Gaia 2.0 will be arriving in 2023. This means it’s time to sunset the iconic and first version. Use the code GAIA35 for 65% off and grab one of the last 400 available before it’s gone forever.

The Gaia is a unique toy for Bellesa because it is one of its 3-in-1 vibes. Its specific design is aimed to please outside bits, inside bits, and backdoor bits. A well-rounded toy if you ask me. The Gaia simplifies your selection in the pleasure process by being anything you need, no matter your tastes at that moment. It’s quite powerful despite its size with a robust vibrating head, curved tip, and flared base. Expect this to run around two hours off of one charge; it’s waterproof and easy to clean.