Indochino is Making Coats Again, Prepare for Compliments

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Indochino, purveyor of your favorite custom suiting, has relaunched their line of overcoats. You’ll have to head to a brick-and-mortar location to get one (for now), but they’re definitely worth the trip.

Just like the thousands of Indochino suits our readers have purchased, Indochino’s overcoats are made to measure, albeit with fewer extracurricular customizations. The coats come in three colors, with your choice of lining and single or double-breasts. Mine didn’t require any additional alterations after reusing my measurements from my previous Indochino fittings.

While everyone should own a black overcoat, and the teal is nice as well, it’s really Indochino’s burgundy colorway that stands out. I say that having received more compliments on it than any other piece of clothing I’ve ever owned- two before I sat down at my desk today.

$699 for a good wool-cashmere coat would be pretty reasonable even for off the shelf options, but if that’s still beyond your price range, Indochino runs discounts pretty often, the best of which they’ve run exclusively for our readers.