In Defense of Crocs

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We’ve all made at least a few jokes at the expense of Crocs, the goofy looking, holey clogs that can’t help but look a bit dorky. It’s true, they are silly, and it’s an endeavor finding an outfit that won’t be totally mucked up by your unflattering kicks. Even so, don’t worry about the weird stares you might get or the way your friends might roast you because, reader, Crocs are comfy as hell.

I’d never been a believer in Crocs, and mostly just made jokes at their expense to pretend I had some vague sense of fashion. That changed last year when my girlfriend suggested we get a pair to give us something quick to slip on whenever we needed to take the dogs out. I got a pair of yellow Classic Clogs—why not embrace the goofiness? I was reluctant, with the fear of being the secret joke of the neighborhood, but we still gave them a shot. I’m glad I did, because they’ve become my favorite pair of shoes, if a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Yellow Classic Clogs | $45 | Crocs
Yellow Classic Clogs | $45 | Crocs
Graphic: Gabe Carey

Last year I mostly wore them on quick walks around the neighborhood with the pups, and running short errands in the vicinity. Since quarantine has kept me mostly cooped up inside, though, I haven’t been able to rock my trusty pair too much. With staying inside comes not wearing shoes very often, unless you want dirty floors, but it also leaves your feet feeling pretty sore after too long.


I didn’t start wearing my Crocs inside intentionally; a couple of months ago I went out for a walk with family (before the Arizona heat became unbearable), and forgot to pop my Crocs off after heading inside. It wasn’t a magical experience, and it didn’t change my life, but for the first time since April, I wasn’t acutely aware of the hard floor every time I stepped down.

I’d been planning on getting a pair of slippers before that discovery, but once I realized that a fresh pair of Crocs would do the trick while potentially being a bit cooler, I shelved the added labor of hunting down the perfect pair of slippers. Instead, I just copped a clean pair of Crocs.

Selecting the right pair isn’t as simple as you’d think, though. Sure, there’s the standard Swiss-cheese design that’s still waiting for its day to shine. There’s plenty of other options, like these ones that look more like classic slip-ons, clogs with no holes, and even sandals. None of them really get past the dorkiness of the Crocs brand, but once you get over people caring (who’s going to see them when you’re still in quarantine?) all you’ll be able to think about is how comfy they are.


Crocs aren’t exactly cheap, but neither is a good pair of slippers, and these will probably be more comfortable in warmer environments. Plus, it can be fun picking out a neat color that, while unflattering when paired with your favorite fits, might add a bit of pizzazz to your quarantine attire. And, let’s face it, your feet deserve a break.

This story was originally published by Jordan McMahon on 07/16/2020 and updated by Gabe Carey with new information on 11/22/2020.