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I Said Screw It And Ordered A Drill Brush Attachment, And Now I Actually Look Forward to Cleaning My Sink

Drill Brush
Drill Brush
Graphic: Tercius Bufete
No Thought, Just BoughtNo Thought, Just BoughtBefore making most purchases, we meticulously research all of our options, wait for deals, and try to make an informed buying decision. But sometimes, we just buy things on a whim, and end up loving them anyway. No Thought, Just Bought is a space to share the impulse purchases that exceeded our expectations.

I consider myself a clean person, but when it comes to tackling harder maintenance tasks like cleaning the oven or scrubbing the bathtub, I could be described as slovenly.

One day, after taking a long, sad look at the state of my sink, I decided to take action. I took a sponge, and poured soap on the rough side, and started scrubbing in circles with the vim and vigor of a man 10 years younger. And then I quickly and unceremoniously gave up.

Admittedly, that’s on me. But it was taking forever, and I didn’t want to spend what little free time I had hunched over a gross sink that my roommates* were also responsible for. (At least that’s what I told myself, while I ate chocolate in bed.)


The next day, I was overcome with guilt. Luckily for me, a deal came up for a drill brush attachment, and I bought it immediately.

And let me tell you, it rules.

I never had so much fun cleaning.

The drill brush attachment works in tandem with any power drill you already own to scrub away stains and stuck-on grossness. Better still, this particular kit has multiple attachment options, which can help with grout, fabric and upholstery.

I felt empowered, and I assume this is what Jolie Kerr feels like every day, but I also felt a little bit like Han Solo, waving my modified drill around.


I cleaned my sink in less than a minute, and I just kept going. I scrubbed the sink in the bathroom and the tub. And I nearly attacked the oven, but I had to pause my cleaning frenzy because I needed to go to work and write this blog.

We could sit here and argue about whether or not this is absolutely necessary. Sure, I could have done it the old-fashioned way—rubbing rough sides of things on gross things. But this made a tough cleaning job super easy (and even fun!) If you own a drill, it’s an absolutely genius way to harness the power of the tool outside of assembling furniture.


For $12, I can’t praise this accessory enough. Before the drill brush, you couldn’t pay me $100 to clean the oven. Now? I’m excited.

What’s that worth?

*My roommates told me they all thought about cleaning the sink, but didn’t actually formulate a plan on how. They were very pleased by the results of the drill brush.


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