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How To Make a Photo Collage for Valentine's Day

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Though it’s easy to convince ourselves otherwise, heartfelt gifts don’t have to take the form of a grand gesture or extravagant display of affection. Sure, the wow factor is nice from time to time, but if you’d rather go for something more subtle, it’s hard to argue against a nice photo collage. At a time where making new memories feels a little funky, Valentine’s Day is a good time to reflect back on the moments that made you and your special someone smile and laugh together. With a photo collage, you can relive all your favorite memories and put them on display whenever you need to take a quick detour down memory lane.


Wow Your Loved Ones With a Photo Collage This Valentine’s Day

In addition to bringing a smile to your loved one’s face, collages are easy to make and fun to customize, so you can make them your own without taking on another huge project. All you need is a corkboard, a couple of pushpins, a printer, and a few photos you can’t help but smile at.

There’s lots of photo-friendly printers to choose from, but personally I’m a fan of this Bluetooth printer from Polaroid. Sure, you don’t need a pocketable printer to get your pictures on a board, but it’s a nice way to print pictures on the fly without having to lug around a bunch of extra gear. Since it connects to your phone over Bluetooth, you don’t have to take pictures on the spot, either. All you have to do is pick out your favorite shots, make any necessary edits to brighten things up, and print to your heart’s content.

Once you’ve got your pictures printed, you’ll just have to find a place to stick them all. Since you can swap things out as you wish, I’d recommend going with a corkboard and some push pins. A simple board shouldn’t cost much, but for a special occasion, the extra pizazz of a decorative board can’t hurt. This one from PinPix comes in a variety of different prints that give your photos a more pleasant backdrop than specks of brown, and there’s enough sizes to fit whatever spot on the wall you’re hoping to cover up.

After you’ve curated your favorite shots, gotten them all printed, and placed them out on your board in just the right spots, it’s time to get everything secured. Any set of push pins will do, but this set from AmazonBasics has a smaller head so you don’t cover too much of your pictures, and they look a little cleaner, too.

It may seem like a simple gift, but we’ve all had a rough year, and reflecting on our warmest memories can bring back the same joy we felt as we lived them—that goes a lot further than a box of chocolates.