Glossier's Boy Brow is The Eyebrow Product You've Always Wanted

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For someone who didn’t start tending to their brows until college, Glossier’s Boy Brow is a gift from the heavens.

With its hybrid of pigment and pomade, Boy Brow gives you the big, bold brow shape that has now become the norm (thankfully, we made it past the sperm shaped ones of the early 2000s). Plus, it’s hard to argue with a 10,000 person waiting list. I’m here to tell you that the insane hype that Glossier has garnered isn’t unfounded, nor does it feel like it’s going away any time soon. This shit is the real deal and I’m so glad it’s in my life.

While Boy Brow only has three shades, the brown is incredibly versatile. With just a few quick swipes you can look like you have perfectly kept brows with minimal effort. It’s the lazy girl’s one-step powerhouse to brow domination.