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Give'r's New Frontier Mittens Make Me Long For Winter

The Give’r Frontier Mittens promise to keep your hands warm, and dry, during even the harshest of winter storms.


Made with cowhide, the Frontier Mittens also hide a multi-layer insulation system which make them 100% waterproof and can protect your hand from severe temperatures at both ends of the spectrum. Give’r says these mittens can handle temperatures from -40° all the way up to 400° F (in case you wanted to toast marshmallows with your hands), and they’ve got the glove-making pedigree to make good on those promises.

To test them, I stuck my hand in my now clean sink, and in the freezer at work. Both times, the mittens kept my hands were dry and warm, and people around me gave me weird looks.

The big advantage of mittens is the fact that they can insulate your entire hand, keeping and trapping all of the heat from all of your fingers and hand inside one shared area.

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I found that the hand-branded initials (a no-brainer add-on for $5) made these particular accessory feel a lot more luxurious, and a bit more personal than any article of clothing or accessory I own. Sure, it’s purely cosmetic, but I still love it.

The big downside to the mittens is their lack of dexterity. You’ll find activities that require dexterity, including zipping up zippers and handling small stuff (like, metro cards) really difficult. And, yes, smartphone use is nearly impossible with mittens. But for what it’s worth, no glove designed for extremely cold weather was ever smartphone-friendly.

I, for one, can’t wait to go sledding again with these bad boys on. Potential backers: There are only a few days left to enjoy the pre-order $38 discount on this fully-funded campaign.