With efforts like the Sennheiser HD 6XX, Massdrop started a series of collaborations that are easily the best deals in headphones, and weā€™re taking a tour. While drops are typically limited to a few thousands units, we have a hunch that the best of Massdropā€™s joint efforts will come back around, and weā€™ll be sure to let you know on Kinja Deals when they do.

The Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphones are a purpleheart version of the E-MU Walnut headphones, which are themselves a take on the Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones with walnut cups instead of plastic.

At just $75, the Purplehearts come in well under the MSRP of your favorite headphones, the ATH-M50X, and even well under a great discount that might bring them down to around $100. Similarly, their Walnut counterparts have never dropped below $100.

The visual appeal of purpleheart is obvious, but purpleheart is also one of the densest woods on the planet, and used in much higher-end cans like the Massdrop x Fostex TH-XOOs weā€™ll be checking out soon. You wonā€™t feel like youā€™re shouldering the burden of that density however, as the E-MU Purplehearts are extremely lightweight and adequately breathable.


Premium exterior construction ends with the wood cups on the Purplehearts. Thereā€™s a lot of plastic here, which keeps things lightweight and portable, but doesnā€™t feel or look impressive. The cups are right on the line of on-ear and over-ear. The short non-removable cable connects to both cans, which can be annoying, but the clamping force is just right. Thereā€™s also zero branding.

So letā€™s get to the point. The Purplehearts sound amazing for $75 headphones, with a warm, unique, balanced sound, the right amount of bass, and a great soundstage. Sound leakage isnā€™t a problem, but if youā€™re looking to drown out your coworkers or wear these during mass transit commutes, I wouldnā€™t.

The Purplehearts are some of the best looking and sounding headphones around for under $75, and the perfect entry point for anyone interested in wood headphones, but Iā€™d buy them for your desk or your couch, not the subway or your next flight.