These Are the Five Best Headphones

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Turns out, people have pretty strong opinions about headphones! Who would have guessed?

While We received tons of great nominations, we have to narrow it down to the top 5. So check out the finalists below, and don’t forget to vote at the bottom of the post!

Note: In the case of similar models, we’ve grouped them together into a single nominee.


Bose QuietComfort 35


I love my Bose QC35s. They have great sound quality, bluetooth capability, and good battery life. Most of all, the noise-canceling is better than I’ve experienced with anything else. I fly a lot for work, and these cancel out almost all of the engine noise. - C Tie

+1 for QC35s. I may guess they’re not the best sound quality for audiophiles but it’s great for everything else. and it still works passively without power. - D.H.S.


Sony MDR-V6/7506


I’ve listened to and owned hundreds of pairs of headphones, buds, earphones, and in-ear monitors. Here’s what i’ve learned: Bluetooth is garbage. Noise cancellation = distortion. Wireless is garbage. Bose, garbage. Shure, meh. Beats, garbage. Forever and always: Sony MDR-7506, I used them for field recording, mixing, and editing - Your Bose is garbage

Been working in Radio, TV, and Film production for over 10 years.

I swear by these. Their clarity and balance makes them great for work, and even better for music.

More importantly, I can wear them all day and not feel a thing. Save for changing the pads, I’ve had my current pair for 6 years-ish, and they’re still in great shape.

Side note: If you’re looking to change the pads, I got Sheep skin replacements... so nice... - 930_whaletail

I’d like to conominate the MDR-7506 along with the MDR-V6. They are practically identical save some minor differences — one is marketed to the consumer market, the other is marketed to the professional market — and corresponding price. So buy whichever is cheapest.

Pros: They are considered “monitor” or “studio” in that the cans reproduce audio faithfully as recorded without adding an extra bass (or treble) like so many other consumer headphones tend to. They are also built like tanks, can take a ton of abuse, and last forever. I’ve worked in TV and radio for almost twenty years and I’ve seen the 7506 or V6 in almost every shop for these reasons.

Cons: Of course, they are cabled and not wireless.

Sony’s stock pads are plasticky and don’t breathe. If you plan to use these for personal use, you may want to consider buying different ear cup pads. There are several options available on Amazon. Even if you don’t upgrade the padding, after about ten years of use (and soaking up your hair grease and sweat... eeeww....) they will likely need replacing anyways, which is something no other headphone in this thread will likely be able to claim to. - Edgar the Constricting Necktie


Audio Technica ATH-M50X/M40X


Since no one else has, I have go with the iconic M50s.

Stylish as hell, big enough to have a decent (but not great) soundstage, but portable enough to use outside your house. The folding/rotating cups are a godsend. They’re very balanced to listen to, whereas a lot of similar-priced or cheaper cans will jack up the bass to give the illusion of quality (*cough* Beats *cough*). And they’re comfortable even for people with big heads like me. They’re absolutely one of the best deals you can get at their price point. - publiuslol

I’ve been rocking a pair of Audio-Technica’s ATH-M40X for a good long while now, and still love them. Super comfortable for over-the-ear headphones, incredible sound, easily replaceable cords, and a damn reasonable price for this kind of quality. - improbable


Sennheiser HD 598


Glad to see someone recommend these; I bought a pair last week on a friend’s recommendation and am wearing them this very moment.

It’s far too soon for me to say if they’re worth the ★, but at least the cups are far kinder on my ears than the pair of on-ear headphones I was using before. And my ears are awkward, yet fully encased.

I’m getting some pressure on my head at the very middle of the band after an hour or two’s use, but that could just be me wearing them wrong and having to find the right position. - Kodithic


Monprice Premium DJ Headphones

Monoprice Premium DJ Style Over-the-Ear Headphones. I bought a pair of these a few years ago and use them just about every day while I’m at work. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time which is a must for work use. You can use any male-to-male 3.5 mm cord, so you can easily adjust the length of your cord to suit your needs. My first pair recently broke (over the head part cracked near right ear piece). As the audio cord connects to the left earpiece, I was able to simply remove the right ear piece completely and still have a usable single ear headphone for temporary use. Even after buying a new set, I still use the “broken” single ear piece one for day to day use (I typically keep one ear uncovered anyways so I can hear when people are trying to talk to me). At $15.99, they can easily be replaced if/when they do break. - gatorbait28

I have 2 pair of these and I love them. I bought em for plane rides so I could listen to movies in peace but they worked so well I use them for everything. I just wish that the red ear pads from Monoprice were still available. I bought some alternative velvet ones and I hated what they did to the sound - barnesk9