Get Yourself 20 Long-Range Walkie-Talkies Just Because

Save 15% on a 20-pack of rechargeable, long-range walkie-talkies.

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Long-Range Walkie-Talkies (20-Pack) | $170 | Amazon
Long-Range Walkie-Talkies (20-Pack) | $170 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Long-Range TD-M8 Walkie-Talkies (20-Pack) | $170 | Amazon

These TD-M8 walkie-talkies are smaller than most phones, are lightweight, and can easily fit in your pocket or clip to your belt. Being USB-chargeable means being able to charge them anytime and anywhere. Three hours of charging will grant your 12 to 24 hours of use. They have a super, clear sound quality that will allow for efficient communication. They’ll transmit in a range of three to five miles in unobstructed terrain and roughly half a mile in outdoor urban settings. But why on earth do you need twenty walkie-talkies? I don’t know man, I just write the deals. They’re 15% off. Go nuts.