Get Your #1 Treat Receiver Game Day Ready With This NFL Combo From Chewy

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NFL Pet Jersey, Collar, and Leash Combo | $31 | Chewy
NFL Pet Jersey, Collar, and Leash Combo | $31 | Chewy
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

NFL Pet Jersey, Collar, and Leash | $31 | Chewy

It’s weird, it doesn’t feel like football season. Maybe it’s the no real training camp news, players opting out, or knowing I won’t be in a stadium this year that’s made it all lackluster. It’s an overall bummer. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be in my jersey for the first game of the season. The best way to make this more enjoyable is by having our best fur friends by our sides decked out too. Chewy wants you prepared for all the big games with this NFL sale.

So depending on your team, the price will fluctuate a few dollars. Obviously, as reigning champs and kicking off the season Kansas City is little more than the other franchises currently. The jerseys ($13) are 100% satin, poly mesh, lightweight and comfy so the doggos or kitties will be happy all four quarters. Now add a collar ($8) for your good boy’s jewelry (Name tag/ID) as my vet calls it. It’s durable nylon and adjustable for a comfy but snug fit. The leashes ($10) proudly show team pride as well. They even go up to the perfect socially distancing length of six feet.

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